The 'Ick'

Have you ever looked at someone you’re dating and they do something that makes you physically squirm? Sorry to break it to you, but you have experienced the ‘ick’.

The Oxford dictionary (of Gen Z’s vocabulary obvs), describes the word ‘ick’ as suddenly flipping from a feeling of love and adoration to a feeling of disgust. But let's be honest, when you get the ick it does way more to you than that.

All at once you’re stopped in your tracks, and your brain goes into maximum speed to figure out the best non-believable-believable excuse to leave that you can think of, while you grasp your coat and pinpoint the 4 available exits in your eyeline.

Ok, maybe that's a bit dramatic. But it does make you physically embody the word ‘ew’.

The great thing about icks is that everyone has different ones. They can be as generic as eating with their mouth open or being rude to waiters/waitresses when you’re out for dinner. Or more obscure like seeing them go out of their way to avoid walking through a puddle or singing the lyrics wrong to a song they say they know every word to…

A personal favourite ick of mine is when someone speaks in a baby voice and says “pweassse”. (Hear people say it more often than you think…Trust me)

Whatever the ick may be, we can all agree that once you have contracted the ick, it is never going away.

It gets you thinking. What things do YOU do that give people the ick…

Mar 4, 2022
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