Post break-up glow-up

The only part of a breakup I can get behind: the GLOW UP!

You’re probably thinking, ‘what on earth are you talking about?! I look awful after a breakup’. You probably do babe, but that’s not the glow up stage. That’s the ‘Hot Mess’ stage and you have to go through that to get to the glow up unfortunately…

Hot Mess: this is where you mope around, bury yourself in your bedsheets and don’t really do anything but feel sorry for yourself. This is OF COURSE allowed - you’re sad and mourning the relationship, cry it out.

Now that stage is crafty because it makes you think you’re going to feel like sh*t forever. But we all know you won’t, because then comes the moment we have all been waiting for (and let’s face it, what makes all this pain and heartbreak worth it), the GLOW UP BABYYYYYYYYY.

Here comes the levelling up of YOU, both mentally and physically.

Ever heard the saying, ‘charity begins at home’? Well, I want you to apply it here, and not in the sense you would think. What I mean is, I want you to invest all the effort and energy you were putting into your partner, back into yourself. See what I did there ;)

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in your relationship that you let the things that makes you YOU, slip. This is perfectly normal as when you’re single you only have yourself to focus on so that is where you put your energy. And this is exactly where the glow up steps in…

Remember that old hobby you used to love doing (and spent a small fortune on the supplies, for you then to completely forget about)? Start doing it again!

Been cancelling plans with friends? (Don’t lie, everyone lets this slip a bit when you’re in a relationship and it’s normal) Send them a text NOW and make plans to meet up.

Been wearing that same old jumper that now looks a bit crusty? (We’ve all got one lol) Treat yourself to a new one!

Now I am going to only say this once as I know you’ve been thinking about it… Cut and dye your hair. What? I know I shouldn’t have said it but let’s face it, you were going to do it anyway even if I told you not to, lol.

Apart from convincing you to chop off all your hair, my point of this is to tell you to redirect the thoughts and feelings of ‘what was wrong with me?’ into ‘what can I do to improve myself, for ME?’ Once you have made this shift, watch yourself mentally and physically glow the f*ck up!

Remember, we GLOW through what we GO through x

Dec 6, 2022
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