No Dutch, just courage.

Let’s chat about sober dating. Ooo, even the thought of going on a date WITHOUT the Dutch courage is making my belly do somersaults…

Everyone and their cat (not literally, lol) seems to drink alcohol nowadays and it can sometimes feel like you’re an outcast if you choose not to drink. We all know that isn’t the case, but I get it.

And that is no exception when dating.

The easy option for arranging a date is to meet at a bar to grab a few drinks while you sus each other out. Plus once you’ve had a few pints (or glasses of Pinot - all depends on your mood) you start to relax a bit more. And by relax I mean let your guard down a bit. Then they do the same and before you know it, you’re knocking your head back swallowing your 3rd shot and one thing leads to another, yada yada yada.

Apart from throwing you into the pits of hangxiety, you can see the point I am trying to make. But if I have clouded your mind with beer fear, what I’m trying to say is, when we think of going on a date we think of having an alcoholic bev-er-age-ino.

However, in the spirit of dry Jan, let’s flip the narrative on its head. Let’s skip the next morning rAgrets of: ‘Oh my gosh, I didn’t say that, did I?!’ and fast forward to waking up feeling and (quite frankly) looking fresh while being confident that you remember everything that happened on the date the night before.

Still not convinced? Beer fear not scaring you enough into going t-total? Wow, ok tough guy. Let me try a different angle.

Why not swap the bar for an activity? There are about a million and one different activity venues out there nowadays, in activities you’d never even think of. There are so many in fact, that I think if you went on 3 sober dates a week there would still be a hundred other activities for you to try for the next 30 years.

Ok, dramatics over.

But, to give you an idea: you could try a salsa class - see how they move their hips without jumping straight into their unwashed bed sheets and adding another person to your notes page (I know you know what I’m talking about and I know you have one).

Or even get a bit of friendly competition going with axe throwing - I would however, advise NOT asking too many intrusive personal questions that might p*ss them off before this activity, as I can see this ending badly if you do…

Or why not indulge in your guilty pleasure of WW2 knowledge and do an immersive experience of being in a bomb shelter? This is pretty niche tbh, but I have been to one and can say it was 10/10. Anyone want to join me next time?


Sober dating doesn’t sound so boring now, does it? I mean you could probs still do some of those activities whilst having a lil tipple (maybe not the axe throwing), but I reckon you’ll enjoy it more when you haven’t.

So, where do you start?

The transition to being alcohol free actually isn’t as hard as you may initially think it is. There are a TONNE of non-alcoholic brands out there now that are focused on making something still taste like the stuff we all know and love, BUT with the twist that there isn’t an alcohol percentage to it.

And when I tell you they’re magicians, I’m not lying. Try a pint of Lucky Saint and tell me with a straight face that it doesn’t taste like a ‘normal’ pint of lager. You can’t, it’s witch craft I’m sure.

But if that STILL isn’t doing it for ya (you are one stubborn b*tch, if not) and you still want to drink alcohol on your dates, maybe try moderation. For every alcoholic pint, have one 0% pint type of thing? Much more satisfying than a glass of water to pace yourself, I’m sure. Dry Jan? No, Damp Jan ;)

To get you started (well, hooked, hehe) I have partnered with Zero Zilch Zip and swindled you 20% off their website. Use code THURSDAY20 at checkout and treat ya’self. You’re welcome babe x

To conclude, I would like you all to raise your glasses (of delish alcohol-free goodness) and toast to sober dating - here’s to remembering our dates the morning after and not cringing with post-drinking-regets.


Jan 9, 2023
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