Going to a Thursday Event Alone

Doing things alone is SCARY. (Well, I think so anyway). I was in Bali once by myself for about 3 days and let’s just say it was not for me! I felt awkward eating alone, I was bored at night, and I just felt like everyone was looking at me all the time and thinking that I was a weirdo. (Yes, in hindsight I now know this was just my anxiety talking, BUT STILL). I would love to be someone who could take myself out on a date, eat alone, go to the cinema by myself etc, but as someone who has struggled with anxiety since I was 14, it’s just not been possible. The funniest part is, I don’t look at people who are eating alone in a restaurant and think they’re weird, but for some reason that’s what I think everyone is thinking about me…

Every week leading up to Thursday we will get messages from people who want to go to an event, but have no one to go with and they always ask if other people come alone. The answer to this is a big, fat, YES!! People come alone, every week. And it always goes like this: They come in, a bit nervous, and head to the bar. They get a drink, and awkwardly stand there, sipping on their drink and scanning the room. They pull out their phone a few times and debate whether they’ve made the right choice and if they should leave. Now when I tell you that I will then see that same person, not even half an hour later, surrounded by a group of people laughing and enjoying themselves, I AM NOT LYING. 

The best thing about Thursday events is the sense of community. You may not meet the love of your life, but you will meet other single people. So many romantic relationship come out of Thursday, but so do friendships, which is just as important. And with your new singles friends, you can go to the events together!

Aside from the hangovers, here at Thursday HQ, we love Friday mornings, reading through messages of people who made a new friend, went on a great date, or simply just had a good time at one of our events the night before.

So, if you’re the only single friend in your friendship group, or you simply just have no one to come along with, I can promise you two things: 1) you are not the only person who comes alone and 2) if you’re feeling nervous, just find one of us kitted out in Thursday gear, and we’ll keep you company until you feel ready to venture into the midst of singles.


Apr 8, 2022
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