Why we say ‘f**k dating apps, 6 days of the week’.

Monday: New match! 

Tuesday: Hi, how are you?

Wednesday: Hey! I’m good thanks.

Thursday: Sorry, been busy! What’s up?

Friday: Nothing much! Would be great to meet up sometime.

Saturday: Sure, how about next week?

Sunday: …

Monday: New match! 

…look familiar?

Talk about Groundhog Day. We all know how it goes. Either you match with someone great but can’t muster the enthusiasm to meet, or you match with someone you are so excited about, but they ghost. Einstein famously said that insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results”.

I think he would agree that the way we use dating apps fits this description. Since when has modern-day dating driven us to the point of insanity?! Where has the romance, the excitement, the butterflies gone? Let’s go back to basics.

Dating is not something we have to do. It’s not a chore. Finding a ‘happily ever after’ is not a race or something that should be taken so seriously. We should approach dating like it is something we want to do - something to look forward to!

This is the magic of Thursday. It makes everything that is great about dating apps happen on one day. It designates Thursday as the most exciting day of the week to be single, where you get to match with people who are actually keen to meet that day, and who are just excited about it as you are! You’ve broken the back of the week, and you’re ready to meet someone new, explore cool places, get out and about. Get excited; this is your day to date! After all, Thursday is the new Friday. 

Being single is not forever, so have fun with it and stop wasting 6/7 days of the week on dating apps. And if you have a ‘bad date’? There’s always next Thursday. As someone who is the lead role in their own ‘Groundhog Day: Dating edition’, Thursday is big news and I’ve never been more ready for something so different.