Why Honeypot rebranded to Thursday, from the co-founders.

Honeypot exceeded our expectations and we were delighted by the traction we gained and the number of downloads we achieved despite no digital ad or social media spend. In January 2020, we did a deep dive into all of our data gathered so far including; the average age of our users, how they were interacting with the app, when they were using the app, how often matches resulted in conversations.

The results of this were fascinating and quite surprising in some cases. Most notably was that our average user was aged between 25-35, over 60% of matches resulted in conversations and Thursday was the busiest day of the week on the app by a considerable margin.

We succeeded in proving our theory that “meeting is more important to people than matching".

So, after weeks of discussions and research we decided to do something radical. The penny dropped when we realised people don't like spending time on dating apps - they crave something different and we're the guys who love doing 'different'... as many of you know.

What do we know?

1) People are bored of mainstream dating apps. They are time consuming, sometimes mind-numbing and the novelty and excitement of a “match" has worn off. It takes time and considerable effort to organise a date and it's not a very exciting process. Singles nevertheless continue to use these apps as no alternative currently exists.  

2) COVID-19 has exacerbated this and many of the big dating apps have predictably and understandable pivoted towards video dating for the time being. People are becoming frustrated by social distancing and are looking forward to meeting new people and socialising again - whenever that may be. This is a basic human need.

3) It's a seriously crowded market and we must identify ourselves, stand out and have a key differentiator. Honeypot wasn't easy enough to understand. Check-in, check-out, micro-date...what's that all about? Our marketing was different but was our app different enough? No.

4) People liked Honeypot and the idea of same day dating. But did they want to use it everyday? No. We tried to make a dating app that would be part of your everyday life but that's NOT what people wanted, we're busy young professionals and have got a lot of other sh*t going on. It was a big learning curve for us.

5) Thursday is the most popular day to date in London. Honeypot data proved it.

What have we done about it? In a nutshell, made everything way more exciting and...focused.

We have re-branded and redesigned Honeypot and named her 'Thursday'. We will be releasing our new and improved app once Covid-19 social restrictions have been eased. And guess what? It only works one day a week, you can probably guess which day.

6 out of 7 days of the week, we say spend more time on you, not a dating app. Life is too short to be wasting time on them and grinding it out. Come Thursday open up the app and see who wants to meet that day. Simple. Exciting. Different.

Match with someone on Thursday and there is a very high chance you'll date that day. People have anticipated the day, they're in the same frame of mind and keen to meet. They've got themselves mentally 'date ready' and are good to go. It's spontaneous without being too spontaneous because they've planned it and known all week, come Thursday, they're going on a date.

We're simply pooling everyone together who don't like using dating apps and putting them in one place, on one day. It means people can also be more selective than Honeypot ever was because there will be a much higher concentration of people on one day alone, improving the chances of matching with someone that takes your fancy.

Our focus is getting people to spend less time on dating apps. We encourage people to meet each Thursday and acknowledge that there is more to life than other “outdated” dating apps. It's taken us months to get to this stage but we've spent a huge amount of time understanding our audience and the importance of building an engaging brand around the most exciting day of the week for somebody single.

Until you find that person you're wanting to take it further with, dating should be remembered as some of the most exciting days of your life. Being single is all about meeting new people, meeting people you like, meeting people you don't like, that's part of it. It's called dating. Embrace your single days and experience using a dating app with a difference and hopefully you'll find that special someone.

To finish, we'd thought we'd share the question we are often asked; is limiting the app to only one day of the week enough for singles? Our answer, well how many singles honestly go on 4 dates a month? Not many.

Our mission: to make Thursday the most exciting day to be single, every week because one day you'll meet.

Big love,

The Co-Founders

P.S. "No one likes to admit they met on Tinder, but they will happily say they met on Thursday..."