Reporting and Blocking

At Thursday the safety of all our members and the overall Thursday community is of paramount importance to us and as a result we take the reporting or blocking of members very seriously. It is through the in-app reporting that we maintain a honest, safe and well intentioned community.

Submitting a report in-app


You can submit a report or block another member by clicking on the members profile and following the links:



















When you submit a report or block another member your identity is kept anonymous and we will not disclose your information or details (unless required to do so by law enforcement) to anyone else in order to protect your privacy and safety.


Members agreement

If a member violates the terms and code of conduct that they agree to when using Thursday they will receive either a warning or a ban depending on the severity. We trust our members to report any activity that breaches our terms and code of conduct.


False reporting


Thursday members must not ‘harass, bully, intimidate, assault, defame, harm, stalk or otherwise mistreat any person’ as stated in our terms of service.


Reporting another member because they are ‘not your type’ could result in a warning or a ban on Thursday. 


Reporting another member for a discriminatory reason such as race, colour, disability, religion, gender identity (actual or perceived), gender expression will result in being banned. 


If you have any additional questions on how to block or report another member please contact





Thursday reserve the right to investigate and/or terminate a members account without a refund of any purchases if you they have breached or misused the terms of service, code of conduct or behaved in a manner that Thursday regards as unlawful or inappropriate. This includes actions or communications that happen off the Thursday app but involve members that meet through by use of the Thursday service.

How to block:report in-app.png